Tenant Representation

Leasing office space is so much more than obtaining a list of available properties and then riding around touring the spaces. At KRA, we believe the only way to ensure a successful transaction is to fully understand each client’s business and unique requirements. This can only happen by touring the client’s existing facilities and meeting with each of the decision makers to truly understand the needs. Regardless if you are a new business or existing business, seeking the help of an experience leasing professional that is well educated within the industry, will save you time and money.


We focus not just on the transaction, but on the business needs behind it. We take a fully integrated approach, first to determine what those needs are, then to figuring out how to meet them, and finally to implementing a solution.


To that end, we bring a full range of services on every assignment:


The visualization, planning, design, construction, fitting out your new workspace is not something you should undertake alone. Our project management team is your assurance that it happens in a creative, timely, cost-effective way.

You’re looking for a broker who is going to put your needs and goals first, and someone with the experience to advise you on each step of the process.
At KRA we will take the time to get to know you, your company and your needs, and then personally ensures that the correct steps are taken to secure your ideal property.

We are true tenant advocates

We are true tenant advocates — we understand that the interests of landlords and developers are not always aligned with yours. We manage the entire process – be it a Build-to-Suit or a tenant fit-out – advising on all issues of program, feasibility, test-fits during site selection. We collaborate with our real estate Advisors during landlord negotiations, maximizing allowances, looking out for your interests at every turn. And we make sure you get the workplace environment you pay for — and that your people expect.

Tenant Services

Strategic Planning

We’ll make sure we understand your business goals, and what drives them – where your workforce is located, whether you need flexibility to expand, or what kind of image you want to project.

Market Study

We’ll consult with your key people about your space requirements, and based on our findings, we’ll identify the various buildings that fit your criteria and budget.


Once we’ve identified potential options, we’ll visit each one, so you can freely discuss the plusses and minuses of each. We put clients in new space every day, and we can tell you about all the intangibles beyond rental rates and lease terms.

Feasibility Planning

We’ll help you determine which spaces lend themselves to the configurations you have in mind.

Landlord RFPs

We’ll solicit offers from the various landlords, including cost, amenities, tenant allowances, and any incentives that might sweeten the deal.

Financial Analysis

With offers in hand, we’ll assess each proposal from a financial standpoint, monetizing the various terms and arriving at a recommendation so that you get a true comparison of all costs associated with each option.

Offer Negotiation

Once the offers are on the table, we conduct the actual negotiation, using detailed market knowledge to add to your leverage.

Lease Negotiation

We have both the experience and the market information to help you and your team negotiate the best possible lease.

After the Lease

Will be there every step of the way helping coordinate space planning, construction oversight & all components related to Telecommunication needs.


We will create a competition in the marketplace for your tenancy to pressure your landlord to offer the most favorable terms.


Our expert leasing professionals will effectively create and leverage opportunities in the marketplace to secure the most advantageous transaction.